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Things I Liked This Week

Connecting to people:

I noticed that business intelligence blogger Stephen Few includes his signature at the end of each blog post. It’s a small detail, but it changed my perception of his posting. No longer was it a blog post, mass marketed to anyone who reads his blog. Instead it become a letter to me, an individual reader. Small change, big impact. Nice.

Making me think:

Seth Godin’s “Do You Deserve It?” post. This is an issue I think about a lot. I am been amazingly fortunate in my life. The circumstances of my birth (first world country), my parents (well educated, focused on a education and a work life balance), my friends and family (good people). His question, “what are you going to do with it now that you’ve got it?” is spot on. Now I need to do something about it.

Smarter Technology:

The new Canonical Link Tag introduced by Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Although technically introduced the week before at SMX West, the utility of this really only sank in fully this week. Great tool. I hope the search engines support it well.

Friends & Talks:

Dinner with friends at Boulevard Grill on Saturday night. The place isn’t much to look at, but the food is great. All in all the the evening had food, drinks, and great conversation; followed by the surprise of other friends showing as well. The very definition of what a neighborhood bar should deliver.


The Panama Boquete I picked up from Anderson’s Coffee yesterday. Rich flavor, with a hint of caramel. Great flavour and a great deal at $8.95/lb.

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