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SMX Search Analytics?

I will be speaking on the Analytics & Competitive Intelligence at SMX Search Analytics, in Toronto, at the end of March/start of April.

The rest of the panel looks very strong: Helen Overland, from non linear creations; Khalid Saleh, from Invesp; and Dharmesh Shah, from Hubspot will all be participating. Vanessa Fox will be moderating.

My session will focus on 2 key areas: how to communicate competitive intelligence data within your organization and how to take effective action based on this data.

I will be the 2nd Apogee speaker at Search Analytics. Alissa Ruehl from Apogee will also be speaking. She will be part of the Analyzing & Converting Paid Search Traffic panel. Alissa heads up our Website Effectiveness practice, so she will bring a lot to the panel.

  • http://www.HubSpot.com Dharmesh Shah

    Look forward to our panel.

    See you in Toronto!

  • ianstrainseymour

    Looking forward to it to…would love to see if we can get our panel together for coffee or a drink prior to us getting onstage. When you do you get in? Maybe we could talk Monday afternoon/evening before things get going?