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If I ran an online store that sold clothes, shoes, or glasses

February 28th, 2009 No comments

If I ran an online store that sold clothes, shoes, or glasses, I would let customers upload pictures of themselves in the clothes and make it easy for website visitors to filter the photos by people that look like them.

Isn’t this always the issue with buying clothes online? You just don’t know what it will look like on you. Fine; find someone that looks like you and be the judge.

Online retailers will resist this, just like they initially resisted reviews. Why? For the same reason that they resisted review: because someone might say something bad in the review. In this case, some people might look bad in the clothes, which would conflict with the brand’s image.

Why do this? If you know you will look bad, you won’t buy the clothes anyway. And arguably, I don’t want you wearing them either. But if you can see that you will look great, then I just upped my conversion rate and got another endorsement out on the street.

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